It’s been a year now since I first introduced the new concept of the Open Photo Booth and the response has been awesome. Guests love how there is a photographer who encourages them to have fun and get great photos and they also love getting the photos directly to their phones by airdrop. The more of these photo booths I do the more I am learning about ways to get the perfect photo and the trick seems to be to distract and have fun to capture that candid photo. We also have loads of props to suit every backdrop, and of course the most used backdrop is the Las Vegas Strip and Red Carpet Limo backdrops for the Casino Theme, and with these we supply wedding props so it looks like they have just got married in Vegas. I have even had one client fool their friends into thinking they got married in Vegas with the photo I of took of them, that’s how authentic the Vegas Backdrop looks.

We currently have 8 backdrops to choose from and I have 2 more winging their way to me for Birthday and New Year’s Eve Photo Booths.

Backdrops that go with the Casino Theme are:

  • Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Functions
  • Red Carpet Limo with 3D Playing Cards
  • The Great Gatsby
  • By The Sea (works great with a Cruise Ship Theme)
  • Wild West

Backdrops for other themes

  • Paper Flower Wall (you would never believe it is just material – looks like actual paper flowers in the photos)
  • Flower Wall
  • Elephant in Rainforest (used for a Thai Night at Alexandra Park)
  • Grecian (old Greek Ruins) – perfect for a Toga Party
  • Balloons and Streamers (arriving any day)

If you book the Open Photo Booth with Casino Games you will get a discounted rate. A great package could be 1 Roulette, 2 Blackjack and the Photo Booth and the price varies depending on the time of year and location of the venue.

Other options with the Photo Booth include high quality, postcard sized photos printed on-site.

All photos get sent to client in week after by Dropbox and there are no watermarks on the photos.