Can we hire just the casino equipment without staff?
Unfortunately the answer to this is no.  We are entertainers, like a band but way more fun, and all the games come with trained Croupiers/Dealers.  The only time we have hired out our equipment without staff is for Television and Photo Shoots.  Our casino equipment has been used on Shortland Street, Outrageous Fortune & The Almighty Johnsons (to name a few).

Is there an age limit?
No.  Our casino games only use "funny money" which makes them no different to playing a board game or cards at home.  We are not responsible for the venues and they may have an age limit so pays to check with them.

Do you have to know how to play the games?
No.  Our staff are trained to teach as well as deal and if someone doesn't know how to play at the table they will help them to learn.  We also provide "Blackjack Strategy Cards" at all the Blackjack tables and these make it much easier to play.

How much does it cost?
This depends on the venue location (we can provide our entertainment throughout NZ), time of year and number of games you book.  Either send us a quote request form on here or pick up the phone and call 0800 LAS VEGAS.

Do you supply prizes?
No, prizes are up to you to supply, however, we can purchase prizes on your behalf if you require and the costs would be added to your fee (only available in Auckland).

What sort of prizes should we provide?
It's really up to you.  We have seen everything from an overseas holiday to a packet of cards.  Some good ideas are:  Bottles of Wine or Bubbles; Poker Sets; Toy Cars (just like the casino gives away cars but on a much smaller scale); Gift Baskets; Tee Shirts (printed with the name and date of your function) etc...

How many prizes should we provide?
We recommend a minimum of 3 and the maximum is up to you.  It does depend on how big your function is and what style event you are doing.

How big should the venue be?
This will depend on how many games you are having, how many people, whether you are having a sit-down meal or not and the style/shape of the venue.  As a rule of thumb, if you were just looking at guests and casino games, look for a venue that will cater to the amount of guests you have "Dining or Banquet" style and this will allow enough room for the casino games and people to move around freely.  If you were also having a sit-down meal then just double it.  When we email a quote we also send out an example room layout to give you and idea of the various game sizes and space they take up.

Are you looking for staff?
YES - we are always on the lookout for new staff, especially people with casino gaming experience.  All our staff work on a casual, on-call basis and our busiest periods are June-September and November-December (the busiest by far).  Most of our Croupiers/Dealers also have full-time day jobs and work for us for a little extra cash and because they enjoy it.  



  • Fulton Hogan Ltd (Auckland)

    I just wanted to say formal thanks to you, Thomas and the team for a great 2.5 hours entertainment last night. We all had great clean fun and you have maybe inspired some to take it up with real money. Thomas was a real character and drove enthusiasm around the room.

    Just for the record, we had 35 turn up and it was a perfect number for the 3 tables. I’m also glad I took your advice on the two Blackjack tables.

    Our Social Club in Ranui will be in touch as they are considering holding a similar function.

    So thanks and have a good weekend.


    Nigel McCreight




  • Events 'n' Venues Limited


    Thanks for the great job of providing the casino tables and croupiers  – everything was lovely and we have a happy client.
    The staff were great - there manner and interaction with everyone added to the nights success.
    Although I have used you many times before it was the first time I had played and having experienced it first-hand am now keen to sell the concept to some clients.
    You will be hearing from me again – oh and thanks for the recommendation of the venue…it was brilliant and Roy is so easy to work with.
    Thanks again – and I will be in touch when the function calls for casino tables.


    Robyn Henry
    TCC - Events 'n' Venues Limited

  • SecureCom Ltd (Auckland)

    Just to let you know we had a fantastic evening on Friday night. Everyone I have spoken to have commented on what a good evening it was.  A BIG BIG thank you to Henry and his team – they did an amazing job. Henry is really lovely and so easy to deal with. We also really liked Andrew because we spent most of the night at his Blackjack table J  I cant comment on any of the other dealers because I didn’t play at their tables but I have heard that they were amazing.  Sandra, SecureCom Ltd


  • RCP - Auckland - Team Event

    We would like to thank you and your team for Friday night’s event. We all had a fantastic time and were very impressed with the way the event worked. The format of the night was a team event, we had 5 teams with 5-6 people in each team. It was a competition to see which team could accumulate the most money by the end of the night. We found this worked well in comparison to how individual’s would play as we all swapped money and helped each other out, found out who was good at each game and had other people to back us up in each of the games.

    We were very impressed with the way the team event worked and it was a good team building exercise as well as being a fun night.


    James Thompson
    Project Manager

  • GTS Social Club (Auckland)

    I attended a function run by Las Vegas Functions at the Novotel Hotel on Friday 11th July as part of the GTS social club. I felt compelled to write to you this morning and let you know that the staff are still talking this morning about how much fun they had. Your staff ran the room beautifully with a sense of fun and excitement. All attendees felt secure about trying games they had never tried before and enthusiastically moved around the room. In particular I would like to single out Thomas who not only set the room up for us but was most definitely the start croupier of the night. He was almost entertainment all by himself!

    I would like to thank you and your staff for providing a wonderful evening and let you know that I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending your company to others.

    Home Lighting Ltd